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Recent Contemporary Acquisitions – Houston

On View: July 25, 1957 - August 25, 1957
October 31, 2017 @ 2:56PM – 3:56PM
A-Frame building by McKie & Kamrath
Recent Contemporary Acquisitions - Houston @ A-Frame building by McKie & Kamrath

Artists featured in the exhibition:  David Adickes, Forrest Bess, Arbit Blatas, James Boynton, Bernard Buffet, Jean Busquets, Mary Callery, Bruno Caruso, Marc Chagall, Enrique Climent, Dana Cole, Jean Commere, Joseph Cornell, Jean Dubuffet, Enrique Echeverria, Max Ernst, Hamilton Fraser, Ruth Gikow, Joseph Glasco, Morris Graves, Marcel Gromaire, William Kienbusch, Louis Lebrocquy, Fernand Léger, Leonid, Marino Marini, Marcello Mascherini, André Masson, Antonio Music, A. Pagliacci, Raymond Parker, Pollet, Jeanne Reynal, Charles H. Royer, F. R. Sisson, Hassel Smith, Rufino Tamayo, Dorothea Tanning, Charles Umlauf, and Claude Venard.