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Representing My Home | Virtual Bonus Open Studio

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Slowed and Throwed is an exhibition orbiting around the late Houston legend DJ Screw, whose work created a signature Texas sound with the collaboration of the featured rappers who appeared on his tapes—each representing their Houston neighborhood. Inspired by artists’ need to creatively share their community pride, construct a three-dimensional collage in honor of your personal representation of home.

Think of your personal representation of home.

Create a sculptural collage of your home.


Paper for structures (construction paper, card stock, copy paper, etc.)

Paper for collaging (magazines, scrap paper, etc.)

Adhesive (craft clue, glue sticks, tape)

Drawing utensils (crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens)

Recycled materials (straws, plastic bottles, paper towel rolls)




Find a place at home where you can safely layout your materials and comfortably work on your sculpture.



Draw out your idea first. Make your drawing fun! It will help get an idea of how shapes will meet up.



It’s a good idea to use cardboard, heavy paper or recycled materials to build the sculpture on the base. Then arrange your shapes and images. Glue or tape everything down to bring your home to life.



Using your drawing materials, add color, text, and patterns to enhance your representation of home.



Take a picture and share your work! Be sure to tag us using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH

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