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Representing My Home | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Nathaniel Donnett’s site specific work represents Houston’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th Ward neighborhoods. Inspired by artists’ need to creatively share their community pride, construct a three-dimensional collage in honor of your personal representation of home.


Paper for structures (e.g., construction paper, card stock, copy paper, etc.)

Paper for collaging (e.g., magazines, photographs, scrap paper, etc.)

Adhesive (e.g., craft glue, glue sticks, tape)

Drawing utensils (e.g., crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens)

Recycled materials (e.g., straws, plastic bottles, paper towel rolls)




Think of your personal representation of home. What images come to mind? As you gather your materials, look for shapes, colors, and textures that will bring these images to life. Next, find a space where you can safely lay out your materials and comfortably work on your artwork.


Sit down and visualize your home. What formation comes to mind? When you are ready, begin by drawing out the shapes you want to make up your structural collage. Draw where you think the shapes of your collage will meet up and stack. How tall will your collage be? 


Using cardboard, heavy paper or recycled materials, build a sturdy base for your collage. Using your paper materials, cut images, construct three-dimensional shapes, and explore what textures you can use. Stack, layer, and arrange your shapes and textures onto your base. Glue or tape everything down to bring your home to life.


Add photographs or images from magazines to personalize your collage. Using your drawing materials, add color, text, and patterns to enhance your representation of home.

Take a picture with your artwork and share your work! Be sure to tag us using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH

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