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Rodolfo Marrón III: Documentando Mi Historia/Documenting My History

August 15, 2022 - November 5, 2022
Crossroads Hotel


Rodolfo Marrón III’s residency and exhibition at Crossroads Hotel gallery invites Latin-X communities in Kansas City to archive and care for their own familial legacies; and hosts the migrating exhibition La Onda, which highlights Latin-X artists in this region.

Rodolfo Marrón III’s artwork preserves Latin-X identity and history using portraiture, altars, language, and Catholic iconography. Marrón digitizes and documents these histories through family photographs, documents, and textiles, which he reprints and assembles into wall installations. Throughout this project, Rodolfo will host an informal workshop in the studio called Documentando Mi Historia/Documenting My History. The workshop offers resources and information to guide Latinx communities and individuals in preserving their own legacies.

In working with these communities, Rodolfo Marrón III will, with the permission of the participants of Documentando Mi Historia, reprint and manipulate selected images with various materials. The use of mixed media such as glitter, sequin, wallpaper, flowers, and Cheetos® Flamin’ Hots implements the kitsch and underclass aesthetics of rasquache, as well as incorporating the practice of altar care and the handcrafts of domesticana. The figures in the photographs are masked to preserve the anonymity of the sanctified. The result creates intimate relationships between personal archives, his hand, and the viewer.

For the month of September, the gallery will present La Onda, an exhibition series organized by Kiki Serna, Carlos Ortiz-Gallo, and Cesar Lopez.

"We are proud to self-organize and present the rich and varied contributions of Latin-X artists in Kansas City and beyond. The shows draw on a wide variety of experiences to shape our current collective identity. Our exhibitions explore the broad perspectives and experiences across many artists in various mediums and disciplines." - Cesar Lopez


Crossroads Hotel gallery and art program are organized by El Dorado and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston with Tiffany Meesha Thompson.