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Scavenger Hunt for Textures | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Explore your home by completing a scavenger hunt checklist for textures.



Find different places inside and outside your home where you can safely touch and examine your surroundings.


Walk through your home and look for any of the following textures:

  • Soft

  • Hard

  • Coarse

  • Bumpy

  • Crocheted

  • Fuzzy

Do you first notice texture by sight or touch? Make a list of additional textures you find to add to this list.


Safely explore the space outside your home to locate any of the following textures:

  • Smooth

  • Rough

  • Dry

  • Wet

  • Slippery

  • Sticky

How are the textures outside different from the textures inside your home? Can you find additional textures to add to this list?


Collect small pieces of textured objects and place in rows to create rhythm and pattern.

Take a picture of your favorite textures and share your images with us by tagging @camhouston, or #MuseumFromHome and #ConnectWithCAMH.

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

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