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Sean Nash: Land Taste

November 11, 2022 - January 28, 2023
Crossroads Hotel


What we think of as taste, primarily results from what we can smell. This exhibitions’ title, Land Taste, rhymes with the words “hand taste,” the English translation of son-mat in Korean. Son-mat is a deeply meaningful Korean term that encapsulates the contributions of the specific cook or fermenter’s hand with regard to taste. It can be a personal and identity-oriented term with ties to food and matrilineal heritage. The hand is not only the love a person or family member puts into their cooking — in essence, their love is a unique microbial signature relayed to the food and vice versa. The hand represents our microbiome and the microbes we (humans) contribute to our fermentation and cooking. Land Taste also refers to the French term terroir, meaning soil, or land, and the specificity of chemistry and climate on grapes and wine production in particular. Taste, land, and bodies intertwine through these terms and speak to our human influence upon complex ecosystems.

The artwork created for Land Taste at Crossroads Hotel expands on themes Nash created in his work for the new KCI airport. Titled Kansas City Reciprocity, his sculptural painting for the airport depicts six local farmers through their favorite things to grow. Over the 2022 growing season Nash documented six farmers and their passion for growing food. Kansas City Reciprocity presents sculptural casts of fruits and vegetables repeated across a sixteen foot span with a background painted in blue, yellow, and green washes. The cast fruits and vegetables are arranged to form images evocative of a sun, a rainbow, a flower, wind, and a wave.


Crossroads Hotel gallery and art program are organized by El Dorado and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston with Tiffany Meesha Thompson.