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Shape and Pattern Mobiles | Drop-In Experience

Inspired by the examples of visual language in Wild Life: Elizabeth Murray & Jessi Reaves, create a mobile by exploring repetition and gestural, geometric, and abstract shapes.

How to Participate in the Museum Building:

The work of artists Elizabeth Murray and Jessi Reaves both feature vibrant, organic shapes. 

At CAMH, explore the exhibition and enjoy close looking at the works of art.

  • How many shapes do you see in one artwork? 
  • How many patterns do you see in the exhibition?
  • What pieces of artwork remind you of shapes you find in your home? 

Take your time and enjoy your visit. Create a hanging mobile with available art-making materials.

How to Participate at Home:


Paper plates

Construction paper

Yarn or string 

Drawing utensils

Miscellaneous items for tracing

Hole puncher


Glue or tape



Search inside your home for household items that create interesting shapes you can trace such as cups, keys, or small toys. Collect an assortment of items so your shapes will vary in size. 

One by one, lay your items onto your construction paper, then trace shapes using the drawing utensil of your choice. Repeat shapes and create new shapes. 


Cut out each shape and lay them out across your workspace to create patterns. Organize your patterns in the design you want to include on your mobile.


Cut out the center of one paper plate. Using your hole puncher, punch four equally spaced holes along the edge of the plate. Next, cut four equally long pieces of yarn or string. Tie one end of each string into a new hole of your paper plate. Then, tie the four loose ends together to create the hanging point of your mobile structure. Using your drawing utensils, decorate your mobile structure and your shapes. 


Cut four long pieces of yarn or string. Place one piece of string between two shapes and glue or tape the two paper shapes back to back, securing the string in between. Repeat with each piece of string, creating patterns by gluing 2–3 complete shapes on each. Alternate the spacing and direction of your shapes as you attach them to create more variation in your design. Be sure to leave one end available to attach to your mobile structure.


Tie the loose end of each hanging pattern to a punched hole in your mobile structure—one string for each hole. Test your mobile by holding it up by the hanging point, allowing your shapes to fall towards the floor. Adjust the length or location of your hanging patterns as needed to complete your design. 


Add found objects to your mobile, such as buttons, flowers, or pom poms.

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