TCFilmandPerformance Nov2017 2000x1250

TC Film & Performance

November 30, 2017 | 6:30PM - 8:00PM


CAMH’s Teen Council shares new theatrical works, experimental film, and new media performances as they explore how these concepts blur and relate to each other.

The presentation of work by their peers will include short films, music videos, poetry, dance, performance art, theatrical performance, a rap battle, drag show, and a DJ set.

The setlist includes:

Moose Boy, a video by Leopold Vincent Medley and Evan Sherar
imp, a video by Maurielle McGarvey
World Peace, a video by Anthropocen
Doll House, a video by Quianna McLaughlin
BIG ICE (PT. II), a video by Isis Ohui & Scottie Benzo
Video art by Jackson Burnham
A reading of Annie Nguyen’s play, Found, by Hannah Holliday, Gierra Cottingham, and Eduardo Carazon
Performance art by Sean Terrell
Performance art by Adom Sterling
Experimental poetry by Austin Pham
Poetry by Rukmini Kalamangalam
Dance performance by Houston City Dance Ensemble
Dance performance by Natalie Brittain, Savannah Sauer, Hallie Mosley, Victoria Beaudion, and Jennifer Gerken
Drag performance by John-Paul Arreaga
Rap by Sepp Lemberger + Company