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Temporary Sculptures | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Create temporary sculptures using everyday items around your home.


Recyclable items (e.g., cardboard, egg cartons, aluminum foil, plastic bottles, corks, etc.)

Common household items (e.g.,  storage boxes, books, trinkets, found objects, etc.)

String, pipe cleaners, wire, or rubber bands




Search throughout your home for items you can use to create a temporary structure. Look for safe, sturdy items you can return or dispose of easily after your activity. Choose items that vary in texture, size, and color.


Identify a thoughtful workspace to organize and create (e.g., near a window or on a coffee table). Lay your items out in front of you and divide by size and weight. Which heavy items will create your base? Where will you place small, lightweight items? Are your materials stackable? 


Pick a location on the floor where you will build up your work. Begin with your largest or heaviest items and create a base for your sculpture. Consider how wide you want your base to be. Be sure to use your largest items to support how big you plan to make your sculpture.


What else can you add to complete the shape and form you want? Continue adding objects and materials to your sculpture. For temporary reinforcement, loosely tape items together or join with string or pipe cleaners to help secure its shape. 


Step back and take a look at your creation. Look at your sculpture from different sides. To complete, add details such as small and lightweight items to your sculpture. 

Find a fun and surprising place for your temporary sculpture. Take a picture of your temporary sculpture and share your work with CAMH. #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH | @camhouston

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

CAMH’s Virtual Drop-In Experiences feature instructions for pop-up activities you can do at home. Each hands-on activity provides creative opportunities to experience current exhibitions from a distance in a unique and meaningful way.

Led by our FAQ Team (Frequently Asked Questions), a group of artists and historians who assist with contextualizing CAMH’s dynamic exhibitions for diverse audiences. Virtual Drop-In Experiences are released on our website at 1PM every Saturday. All ages, always free.