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Text Collage | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Inspired by A Counting, the work of conceptual artist Ekene Ijeoma and his group Poetic Justice at MIT Media Lab which hopes to amplify voices in marginalized communities, create a text-based collage to encourage dialogue on a present-day challenge you would like to bring awareness to and discuss.

Activist – a person who works to bring about political or social change to solve a problem or improve a community.


Drawing utensils (e.g., pen, pencil, crayon, marker) 

Text for collaging (e.g.,magazines, books, newspapers)

Paper for background (e.g., construction paper, card stock, copy paper, etc.)

Adhesive (e.g., craft glue, tape, glue sticks) 




As artists and activists, people use art to fight for change in expressive and creative ways. Ijeoma’s practice illuminating issues of social justice through works of art, such as A Counting addresses the undercounting of marginalized communities in the United States census. As you gather your materials, think about what you believe in and what changes you would like to see in your community. Once you are ready, find a place at home where you can safely lay out your materials and comfortably work on your artwork. 


Think about a topic or issue that you care about. What word or words come to mind that relate to your topic? Which word or words best express something important you want to share? Once you have picked your word(s), look through your materials to choose, then tear or cut out the words and letters you want to use. Be sure to pick letters and words that vary in size and color to create variation throughout your composition.


Will your text collage have a focal point? In what ways will your artwork convey your important message and idea? Select a layout, then arrange your words and letters onto your background. Notice the repetition or patterns you are creating with your text. Once you feel that your layout communicates the message you want, glue or tape down your collage to your background.


Using your drawing materials, add color, additional text, or patterns to your collage.

Share your text collage with your community and share your artwork with CAMH using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH

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