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Tongue Twisters | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Try a few art-term tongue twisters, then make one of your own.

Below is our instructional guide for hosting our Drop-In Experience activity at home.


Tripping over tricky art terms is not only entertaining, it’s educational.

Prepare yourself for this experience by standing in place or taking a seat. Take three deep, slow breaths, then move your jaw left and right to release any tension.

Now, say the following words five times slowly, then five times quickly. Be sure to pause as needed.

  • Paul Jackson Pollock poured powerfully pigmented paint.

  • Contemporary art concepts can combine choreography, collage, color on canvas, or conceptual content in different contexts.

Create Your Own Tongue Twister

  1. To begin your tongue twister, choose a letter or initial sound, such as the letter “P” or the ‘sh sound’.

  2. What art terms begin with the letter or sound you chose? Pair this term with an adjective such as “poignant paintings” or “short shapes”.

  3. Next, create a sentence using as many words as possible that begin with your chosen letter or sound. For example, “poignant paintings” becomes “peacefully pretty poignant paintings” while “short shapes” becomes “shiny shattered short shapes”.

  4. Expand your tongue twister by adding more words beginning with your chosen letter or initial sound. For example, “shiny shattered short shapes” becomes “She shall share her sorted shiny shattered short shapes.”

Bonus Round

Once you have completed your first tongue twister, draw a picture to bring your tongue twister to life.

Share your tongue twister with CAMH by tagging us @camhouston!

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

CAMH’s Virtual Drop-In Experiences feature instructions for pop-up activities you can do at home. Each hands-on activity provides creative opportunities to experience current exhibitions from a distance in a unique and meaningful way.

Led by our FAQ Team (Frequently Asked Questions), a group of artists and historians who assist with contextualizing CAMH’s dynamic exhibitions for diverse audiences. Virtual Drop-In Experiences are released on our website at 1PM every Saturday. All ages, always free.