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UnMASKulinity | Rite of Passage | Values Of A Meal

A dinner of rituals turned into a rite of passage for eight cognitively diverse Black men exploring the power of vulnerability and the masks they wear because of how they are seen as Black men. Each of the eight men will walk through the three-part installation as a rite of passage one at a time from installation to installation. This event is part of artist Marlon Hall’s participation in CAMHLAB, an artist-in-residence program.

*This is a closed event for guests of the artist.

About The Black Man Project

A filmmaker Brian Ellison, a sculptor Anthony Suber, and an anthropologist Marlon Hall form a guild of griots to travel the nation archiving the stories black men tell of masks and life meaning. They create an installation space/ meal for healthy listening and learning through visual, experiential, and ritualistic wholeness for black men that includes a Salon Dinner Party. From Los Angeles, to Tulsa, to New York, to Google in Seattle, the dinner series curated by Hall and the table sculpture shaped by Suber centers the conversation around a documentary directed by Ellison, UnMASKulinity, debuting next year. Black men can be worn and often wounded by the friction that kneads against uncharted movement they make in life.

Support provided by Laity Lodge and its parent institution, the H.E.Butt Foundation. Additional funding provided by The Jeremiah Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation.