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Virtual Performance | The Ritual of Music

An improvisational jazz performance conducted by Grammy Award winning Chris Dave accompanied by a film installation directed by Jimmy Ogonga and Marlon Hall. With a musical prelude and benediction by Soul Control, a DJ duo comprised of DJ Elevated & DJ Anarchy, for a night of wonder and sound presented on CAMH’s plaza. This event is part of artist Marlon Hall’s participation in CAMHLAB, an artist-in-residence program.

The program will be live streamed on CAMH’s Facebook and Instagram.

Watch Here

Support provided by Laity Lodge and its parent institution, the H.E.Butt Foundation. Additional funding provided by The Jeremiah Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation.

About Marlon Hall

Marlon Hall is a visual anthropologist, U.S. Department of Cultural Affairs Fulbright Specialist, a Tulsa Arts Fellow, and the Greenwood Art Project Anthropologist in residence studying the 1921 Massacre of Black Wallstreet with lead artist Rick Lowe. He has 20+ years’ experience in community film-making, cultural architecture, and visual anthropology with a proven track record of leading organizations, teams, and creative projects from end-to-end to include: films, creative learning ecologies, social sculptures, and community art projects. His life’s intention is to cultivate human potential in ways that are whimsically beautiful and positively willful.

About Chris Dave

Chris Dave Chris “Daddy” Dave is a drummer, composer, and bandleader from Houston, Texas. He attended Howard University (Washington, D.C.). He is an influential drummer in jazz, gospel, hip hop, noted for his extremely virtuosic sticking technique and ability to play with a high degree of syncopation. He performed professionally as a gospel drummer with the Winans, before being introduced to jazz audiences nationally through his association with the accomplished alto saxophonist Kenny Garrett. He performed on Kenny Garrett’s album Standard of Language, before joining the Robert Glasper Experiment and performing on Adele’s Grammy Award winning album, 21.

About Jimmy Ogona

Jimmy Ogonga is a Kenyan multi-media artist of international caliber. Born in 1977 in Nairobi, Kenya, Ogonga taught himself fine arts by drawing portraits; these images were often of political figures, the people whose stories and activities he was being exposed to while growing up in East Africa. He has traveled to many countries, exhibiting in African and European art galleries.


CAMHLAB is an ongoing artist-in-residence initiative that gives the Museum to artists. CAMHLAB supports artists working within, and in partnership with, the Museum to develop new work and ideas. Launched immediately following CAMH’s interior renovations in fall 2020, the residency was established in response to effects of COVID-19, particularly the loss of Houston-area performance and rehearsal space, to make CAMH’s galleries safely available for large-scale production and experimentation. Through both short-term residencies within the Museum and long-term collaborations with artists, CAMHLAB offers critical and early-stage direct support of artists’ process and production of new work. 

As CAMH’s galleries are currently closed to the public, artists-in-residence have full access to the Museum; each resident’s process will become public through a limited audience performance, a live stream, exterior project, or a form appropriate to the artist’s specific practice. As with all CAMH public programs, CAMHLAB residencies safely connect artists and audiences through catalytic and unexpected experiences of contemporary art.