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Virtual Program | Father’s Day Living Room Conversation with CoolxDad

Join Kevin Barnett and Arvy Lim, the co-founders and directors of CoolxDad for a Living Room Conversation in celebration of Father’s Day. Filmed at CAMH, this in-depth interview series about fatherhood exists at the intersection of community, commitment, and profession.

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About CoolxDad

CoolxDad is geared toward having a major influence, specifically on men of color to become physically and emotionally present fathers. The organization strives to be living, breathing examples for all men in the community and provide necessary resources for becoming a dynamic dad. CoolxDad aims to build up underserved communities through strategic programming courses, such as financial literacy, business literacy, and mindful wellness.

CoolxDad Mission:
To aid and uplift all fathers of color striving to build a better world for their children and serve the communities in which they live.

About Kevin Barnett

Kevin Barnett is a co-founder and director of CoolxDad. Barnett is originally from New York City, Brooklyn, to be exact. His history and his today are all about working to make something better for himself and his family and that work is present in what CoolxDad is aiming to improve in the health of the American household. 

About Arvy Lim 

Arvy Lim is a co-founder and director of CoolxDad. Lim has lived in Houston, Texas for the majority of his life but came to the United States as an immigrant from the Philippines, as a native of a city named Ilolo. CoolxDad is a personal expression of his desire to both serve children all across the country and to leave a legacy for his children and his children’s children.