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Workshop | Inanimate Nature’s Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants

Join CAMHLAB resident artist Preston Gaines for a workshop exploring the inherent connection individuals share with nature. Gaines will guide you through a show-and-tell of the plant varieties chosen for the lush installation NURTURE, followed by a lesson in cutting and propagating new plants. After Gaines’s presentation, workshop attendees are invited to make plant cuttings of their own and apply other new insights on reestablishing a connection to nature. The workshop will close with a Q&A session.

Not only do plants absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, they also absorb negative forces and transform them into good energy, while plant propagation teaches care, bonding, and patience. This workshop aims to teach that if we are to exist together as a community with integrity – we must be in alignment with nature and who we are as spiritual beings.

Advanced registration is strongly encouraged for this workshop as limited supplies and space are available. 

Please contact for accessibility requests.

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About Preston A. Gaines

Preston A. Gaines (b. 1990), is a Houston-based architect, artist, and industrial designer that manifests the hidden properties of nature through the use of technology, with the intention of learning and re-establishing our connection to the Earth. His immersive botanical installations and furniture designs raise fundamental questions about our collective experience and imagine radical possibilities for the future of art and design. Any built environment can have a physiological effect on the viewer inhabiting the space—Gaines’ intent is to go beyond that to a psychological level.

Image courtesy Camille Mokhtari @cam.shot.first