Courtesy Evan O’Neil

Visualizing Redlined Neighborhoods in Houston with Evan O’Neil of AIGA Houston

September 15, 2018 | 1:00PM - 4:00PM


$20 Workshop Fee |  Space is limited. Sign up HERE.

CAMH and AIGA Houston invite you to a workshop titled Visualizing Redlined Neighborhoods in Houston where we will explore ways to map and visualize the long-term effects of redlining in Houston. Based around the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation Residential Security Map, we will seek to understand the legacy of this practice through digital means, including code-based visualization libraries and traditional design tools. Workshop attendees will be able to preview a number of different tools and will be given self-directed work time to create a visualization, time will be reserved at the end for a short presentation for each project. This workshop is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System.

The primary tools we will be exploring are the Mapbox platform, Unity, d3, and Adobe Creative Suite. No coding experience is necessary, but attendees should be familiar with one of the above tools. Attendees will be required to have a laptop with their design tools of choice installed.