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Zines | Drop-In Experience

In celebration of the release of CAMH Teen Council’s music zine, Play > Pandemic, learn how to make a zine that tells a story, shares some drawings, and presents new information.


Paper (several sheets – for planning, sketching, and also for your final product)

Drawing materials (e.g., pencils, pens, markers, etc.)


Optional – Decorative elements and glue (e.g., stickers, washi tape, magazine images, etc.)


01. Plan Your Content

Brainstorm the content of your zine. Your zine could be a guide to your city or neighborhood, directions about how to do something, a story told through comics or drawings, or just a collection of abstract collages.

Using a blank piece of paper, draw and write out your ideas. Remember, your zine can be about anything you want to share!

02. Prepare Your Paper

To prepare your paper for your zine, take a new sheet of blank paper and fold your paper in half. Fold it again into quarters, then one more time so your paper is folded into eighths.

Next, unfold your paper so that it is only folded in half. Find the perpendicular middle crease line, then cut a line halfway up along this middle crease. Be careful to not cut the paper in half! Open your paper and find the slit you have created in the middle of your paper.

Now, fold your paper lengthwise along the crease with the cut slit. Holding the paper at both ends, push the paper in toward each end to make the sections fold into each other to form an eight-page booklet.

03. Create Your Zine

Now that your blank zine is ready, plot out each page to decide where everything you want to share will go. Consider the order in which you want to share your story or information. Then begin writing and drawing onto each page. 

Complete your zine by adding any finishing touches including coloring and decorating your zine. Then, flatten your zine by placing it under a book.

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