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New Perspectives Capital Campaign

In 2018, CAMH embarked upon its first major renovation in more than 20 years—the New Perspectives Capital Campaign. Launched with an initial campaign fundraising goal of $3.1 million, the Campaign enables a series of critical facility improvements to make the Museum more accessible, innovative, and impactful within an already inspiring community of cultural destinations. The immediate response from Houston’s philanthropists and arts lovers speaks to the deep affection for CAMH and its integral role in Houston’s vibrant cultural ecosystem. Having raised $3 million as of February 2020—with 18 months and $150,000 in potential matching funds left on the Campaign—the Museum’s Board of Trustees voted to increase the goal of the New Perspectives Capital Campaign to $3.5 million, expanding the scope to address additional, long-needed interior renovations. Click on the contribute button in the sidebar to make a matched gift to the New Perspectives Capital Campaign.

As of October 1, 2020, CAMH has raised $3,046,000 toward the $3.5 million goal. The capital improvements are being completed in three phases—Phase I addressed the urgent need for professional administrative office space; Phase II addresses external and internal renovations and infrastructure improvements enhancing visibility, expanding exhibition and public gathering space, and improving public and staff safety; and Phase III will lay the foundation for future growth and expansion. Phase I has been completed; the projects included in Phase II are scheduled for completion by the end of 2020; and Phase III is planned for 2021. Please click below for more detail on each of the phases.  

Since 1948, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) has served as an invaluable platform for contemporary art and cultural engagement. The Museum offers free admission to all exhibitions, programs and tours; and as the only museum of its size focused solely on contemporary art in Houston, CAMH is a vital community hub that directly connects artists and audiences through catalytic and unexpected experiences of contemporary art.  Without a permanent collection, the Museum presents exhibitions of not only established artists, but also underrepresented and emerging artists, often offering a first look at the art of tomorrow’s history books.

Project Phases

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