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Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) seeks to re-imagine the ethic and practice of a more porous museum—one that spills onto the street, engages in long-term collaborations with artists, meets audiences where they are, and intentionally partners with community organizations.

These initiatives create a platform to support and amplify our role as a civically engaged institution.  Working outside of our galleries—including public artworks and cross-sector collaborations—CAMH aims to reach new audiences and directly impact civic life in Houston and beyond. 

Learn About Current Partnerships


CAMH and HFTC are partnering to create artistic activations, research fellowships, and exhibitions with the mission to share and honor the story of Houston’s Fourth Ward.

Dre Forgotten teaching at Sharpstown International as part of Teaching Artists in Classrooms, 2023. Photo by Autumn Johnson.


CAMH and HISD work closely together to create a bridge between the classroom and the Museum. 

Installation view of Crosswords at The Crossroads Hotel gallery, 2021. Photo by E.G. Schempf.

Crossroads Hotel

CAMH and Crossroads Hotel partner to exhibit work by local and national artists in the arts community of Kansas City.