Installation view of Crosswords at The Crossroads Hotel gallery, 2021. Photo by E.G. Schempf.

Crossroads Hotel Gallery and Studio

The Crossroads Arts District has been the hub of Kansas City’s thriving arts community for 30 years. The neighborhood has undergone a fascinating transformation, largely driven by energy generated by artists. The hotel’s art collection—installed throughout public spaces and guest rooms—recognizes that cultural legacy, draws it into the hotel, and shares it publicly.

Over 40 artists’ works are on view throughout the hotel, and each of them are either based in Kansas City or emerged from here—representing both the local roots and global reach of Kansas City’s artists. Crossroads Hotel is not a place to pass through, it is a place to experience the best of Kansas City. It is a place where one can meet artists, see their work, and have an intimate experience of the cultural vibrancy of the city. The program offers a dynamic, unfolding window into the ongoing vitality of Kansas City.

Crossroads Hotel’s gallery and studio program is organized by el dorado inc. and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.


With 2,000 square feet dedicated to local art and artists, Crossroads Hotel is not just community-minded, but also artist-driven. Its gallery is a dynamic exhibition space that changes quarterly to reflect and amplify the energy of the neighborhood and Kansas City’s thriving arts community. Exhibitions, artist commissions, performances, and unexpected artist-driven experiences intimately connect visitors to the creative life of the Crossroads Arts District.

Studio Program

Along with the public gallery and local creative contributions to the interiors, amenities and delicacies, Crossroads Hotel also offers an artist-in-residence program. The studio program is curated by CAMH Executive Director Hesse McGraw and architectural firm el dorado inc. in support of the artistic, social, and cultural flourishing happening in Kansas City.

Current and Past Exhibitions