Houston First Marcelina 2000x1325

Houston First

The Houston First and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) partnership is a newly established initiative recognizing Houston’s cultural landscape by working with artists to activate local spaces. The collaboration brings art out of traditional gallery spaces and the Houston community, creating a vibrant and engaging cultural experience for residents and visitors alike. Artists will exhibit in Partnership Tower, with presentations organized by CAMH curators Ryan N. Dennis and Patricia Restrepo. These sites will serve as dynamic canvases for temporary art installations, sculptures, and interactive exhibits. To ensure the program is Houston-centered, the selection will focus on artists directly related to the region—either from or currently based in the city. This initiative aims to showcase the region’s rich diversity of artistic expression and foster a deeper connection between the public and the arts.

Directions to CAMH

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) is only a short commute from Partnership Tower via public transportation or car. Visit the link below for comprehensive directions.