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Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) trusts artists to transform its galleries through a variety of mediums including video, sculpture, mixed media, installation and many other forms. As a non-collecting museum, we focus on temporary exhibitions and viewers can expect a diverse array of experiences; opening doors to new perspectives and ideas. CAMH is a living, breathing entity that evolves, much like the contemporary art it houses, reflecting and challenging the times we live in. 

What Should I Expect?

CAMH tours are dynamic and  informative led by our Tour Guide Specialists. CAMH often presents exhibitions that delve into powerful themes that relate to social justice, identity, cultural heritage, and religion. A tour at CAMH offers groups of visitors an accessible entry point to discuss and look closely at artwork that might be challenging or multi-layered. The museum strives to present groundbreaking and innovative works that spark meaningful conversations. Workshops are also offered after a visit to the galleries. 

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